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The New Standard
in Fintech.

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Business

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Let Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds with Our AI Engine.

Innovation keeps us ticking 24/7. We drives this innovation by constantly partnering with retail merchants and their valuable customers.

We utilize metrics as diverse as social media feeds and purchase history habits to build a lifetime value model. The evaluation of a customer lifetime creates the opportunity for upselling and targeted marketing.

Artificial Intelligence has provided us the power to crunch massive amounts of data to manage high risk business environments, benefiting our clients by giving amazing returns.

Cloud Analytics for Finance

Our Cloud Engine enables businesses to operate and innovate pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Artificial Intelligence.

Versatility in Applications and Solutions

Our belief in the freedom to innovate has motivated us to work hard to build AI to do AI, providing barrier free access to the power of machine learning. We are currently cooking a flagship fintech product named freepay and a retail-tech product named "QLESS" in our Lab.

Data Science for Acceleration

With the power of data science our AI engine allows a customer’s payment and purchase history to be evaluated at a granular level. This will open the door for precise prediction models so as to predict his spending behavior while going forward.

 Customer Centric Services

Working closely with our customers gives us great insight into their data and needs. We build things for you and we will co-innovate being right beside you for your specific needs.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We Are Zenze.AI

Zenze.AI is all about a disciplined culture that goes a long way back. Keeping that in our heart, our sole mission is to help new age businesses lead the way with the help of artificial intelligence. From bankrolling ideas to steering businesses towards a shiny future, our AI team is the engine that powers your organization into greatness. Our AI engine take data as fuel – helping you lead the way, making you see farther distances ahead.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Partner Up

In our ever changing world, there is nothing that is constant. Thus we would love to embrace, adapt, initiate and validate, the very change that will drive the future. Building for now, and driving change for the better is what we would love to see, hear and breathe. We are currently in the process of re-imagining how the "next billion" would love to shop and bank. Lets do that together!

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