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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Cloud Analytics for Finance

Our Zenze.AI Cloud Engine enables businesses to operate and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Artificial Intelligence. Our flagship machine learning model is used for predicting whether or not a customer will pay back a credit on time.

Data Science for Acceleration

With the power of data science, Zenze.AI’s engine allows a customer’s payment history and purchase history to be evaluated at the granular level. This will open the door for precise prediction models so as to predict his spending behaviour while going forward.

Versatility in Applications and Solutions

Our belief in the freedom to innovate has motivated team Zenze.AI to work hard to build an AI system to do AI, with the support of the barrier free access to the power of machine learning. We are currently cooking our flagship fintech product named  freepay and a retail-tech product named "QLESS" in our Lab which will revolutionize the retail industry.

Customer Centric Services

Working closely with our customers gives us a great insight into their data and needs. We build things for our customers and we will co-innovate with them for their specific needs.

We Integrate Smoothly With Your Ecosystem

Accelerate your fintech experience with our enterprise level AI Engine built specifically for Financial Services. Deploy and scale rapidly with pre-built solutions to increase your customer acquisition and accelerating customer engagements. And the great news is we are sector agnostic!

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