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Our Vision

At Zenze.AI democratizing AI isn’t just our vision. It’s a global revolution that we are envisioning. And that equals vigorous and tireless action.

Our Story

Zenze.AI was started out from the collective minds of like-minded tech enthusiasts driven by the idea that there should be a discipline along with freedom while using the unlimited potential of AI.

Today we have evolved into a new age fintech company built by people from different backgrounds and skill sets, all driven with the sole ambition of becoming a part of something greater than ourselves.

Our strategically placed vision now extends beyond just an open-source community to include more merchants, retailers and  business customers into our extended family.

Team Zenze.AI collectively brings together over half a century of experience in the fields of web and application development, artificial intelligence, engineering, machine learning, data science, cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS) to deliver our vision. With the lead founder trained in Msc. Computing with specialization in Data Science from Dublin University to the co-founders trained in Visual Communication and Mobile Application development, we are a team of exuberant tech enthusiasts united like a wolf pack!

Our vision is to be open yet pushing the boundaries of possibilities. Our inner philosophy is to create a culture of dreamers and doers: a community, of creative people. We will be using the unlimited potentials of the AI to make existing solutions faster, cheaper and easier for all sizes of businesses.

Experienced Leadership

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